Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Question is , Why Would Anyone Insert Anything into Their Lips?
The Question is , Why Would Anyone Insert Anything into Their Lips?
As today most of us are totally focussed on ourselves, our thoughts, our lives and especially the body, it is hardly a wonder that the young amongst us switch more and more to the cosmetic surgeon or beautician as they search for the perfect self. If we spend quantities of our time staring into the mirror, then of course we are going to become what is important in our lives.

We have a very long past of taking a look at ourselves and trying to improve what we see. We have found numerous creative and progressive ways to adorn our bodies, even before we wore numerous clothes. We've made scarsa decoration, purposefully cutting our skin and preventing it from recovery properly and we have distorted bone tissues to fit some strange idea of beauty.

And though mother nature was the expression of our own gods, we eventually decided they looked like us and so confirmed our own perfection. We learnt personal awareness through the body and practised it through the body disciplines. Once we had decided that we were the children of gods we looked a lot more at the art of decoration as a tribute to these immortals.

Nowadays this has become extreme. From seeing our own selves as children of gods, we are molding our bodies to be more like gods. Could it be that we loved ourselves more back then or is it just that we were more shiny and more healthy so that we were much more lovable? Are we fallen from our pedestal or just realised we are not gods?

We obviously reside in a human and material world but alsoa capitalist 1. Everything depends on cash and so an industrial every day life is inevitable and the only practical way of surviving. And caught up in this material world we end up buying and selling ourself, our thoughts, our essential selves so we buy back again our self-worth.

If you don't like your pores and skin, you can change it. If you don't like your bones you can remold them. There are limitations to what can be changed now but one day we will have a way to change every bit of ourselves. There will be no baldness as long as you have the money to pay for that new look. Our present requirements and our present medical abilities do not quite match yet one day our unlimited desires will be met by medical abilities.

Without A Doubt, there are scientists and wealthy people who can't accept that death is built into our design. This is caused by our Egos that want to live on forever. Maybe we should look around and inquire who said I must look like this? But for most of us the deep questions are too deep and we have to find a way to survive in our material world. And so the answer to the original question for you is lip injections are part of the answer for those who won't be able to ask the question or for those who won't be able to live with the answer.

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