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Consultoria informatica

Consultoria informatica
Types of maintenance

Related to each maintenance levels previously seen there are a number of tasks for each level . These tasks can be grouped into different types of maintenance :

Mantenimiento informatico

predictive Maintenance

preventive Maintenance

corrective Maintenance

3.1 Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is based primarily on detecting a failure before it happens , to allow time to correct it without injury to the service, or stopping production , and so on. These controls can be carried out periodically or continuously , depending on the equipment , the production system , etc. .

This is done using diagnostic instruments , apparatus and nondestructive screening, which checks the standing of system components without stopping .

The tools used are often used continuously and in many cases are monitored from a central computer . An example would be temperature indicators of the equipment or the standing of hard disk utilization .

Predictive maintenance of a system to:

Reduces downtime.
Lets follow the evolution of a defect in time.
Enhance management of maintenance personnel .
Checking the condition of machinery , both on a regular basis as you accidentally lets make an archive of the mechanical behavior .
Know exactly the time limit for action that does not involve the development of a glitch .
Deciding on a line stop devices at critical moments.
Planning of internal forms of operation or purchase of new equipment
Allow performances history knowledge to be used for corrective maintenance.
Facilitates the analysis of failures.
Allows statistical analysis system

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