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How To Talk To Girls - Five Ways To Flirt With Humor
How To Talk To Girls - Five Ways To Flirt With Humor
What is the best way to talk to girls? It's bad enough that you're pissing your pants just getting up the courage to talk to Ms. Cutey. Let alone keeping up a conversation to keep her engaged! So what is the key to how to talk to girls?

One word - HUMOR! Girls LOVE a man with a sense of humor. Who doesn't like to laugh, right? Getting a girl to giggle and laugh at your jokes (and not at you) ensures that she is entertained in your company, which will lead her wanting to spend more time with you.

The important thing to remember though is that while some girls can tolerate and appreciate "guy humor," most girls would naturally be offended by it. The key here is to not make them uncomfortable or offend them, but rather keep them all smiles and giggles and INTERESTED.

To help you with that, check out these do's to flirt with humor:

1. Do use creative misinterpretations.

The primary rule when talking to girls is to be alert, attentive, and observant! Keep your eyes peeled and recognize the little things. Take a look at her style of dressing, accessories, hair, and appearance. Observe her mannerisms and what she is doing and think of clever, lighthearted jokes referencing any of these particulars. The way to do this is to put a new spin on what normally would be something normal and mundane.

For example, when going in to talk to the auto insurance agent, You can ask (with a slightly naughty grin) "Are you the one who's going to buy me a new car? I had my eye on the new Bimmer ... Essentially what you are doing is creatively misinterpreting her job and using it to flirt and create interest.

Similarly, when you go into Starbucks and see a girl with an extra large coffee cup, you can ask if she's trying to get over a bad hangover from last night. (Because coffee is supposed to help with hangovers!)

Your jokes must be lighthearted and slightly complementary. Never confuse joking and flirting with insulting her! Asking a girl drinking a large cup of coffee if she's trying to get over a hangover is flirting. Asking her if she's trying to lose weight is an insult! Make certain you understand the difference.

2. Do stay relaxed and smile!

You don't want to confuse a girl by looking serious while talking and flirting with her. When you crack a joke, the girl should know with 100% certainty that you're flirting with her. By smiling, the girl won't second guess your jokes and feel more at ease to laugh at them.

Appearing serious while joking can occasionally be mysterious and interesting to a girl, but it's risky. You don't want to risk anything with your first shot at flirting with a girl because if the joke doesn't sit well with her, you may not get a second chance.

Also, you want to stay calm, relaxed, confident and make good eye contact. According to the Go First Principle, this will considerably enhance your chances with her. If you appear calm and relaxed, you appear confident and cool - qualities girls dig.

3. Do ask questions to get more information about her.

Approaching and talking to a girl is pointless if you aren't going to make an effort to get to know her. And how do you learn about her? By asking questions, of course.

It's crucial to learn about her so you can carry on a discussion in which she feels engaged. People, and girls especially, love talking about themselves so it's very easy to come up with questions to engage her in conversation.

Let's say she is wearing an interesting shirt. You can say: "That's a very interesting shirt! Does it mean anything special to you?" Just like that, you engage her in conversation and most girls will not only answer you, but many times they will offer more information than you asked for!

However, you don't want to ask too many questions and come off as a potential stalker. Throw in your own opinion on the subject before you move on to another question. As long as you keep the conversation interesting and lighthearted, you're doing it right.

4. Do look for humor in your surroundings.

It's a good idea to use any humor you can find in your surroundings to your advantage.

For example, if you're in a restaurant which has tacky wallpaper, as she's looking at the menu you could say something like, "I hope they have better taste in food than wallpaper!" punctuated with a smile. That ought to get a smirk from her ... However, it's always risky to be critical of something when you don't know what her opinion is, so try to figure that out before you proceed with your remark.

Another surefire way on how to talk to girls is to joke about something that puts her one up on the subject. For example, if you see a girl having a bad hair day, you can say, "You should go teach her how to have a good hair day." This is guaranteed to get her blushing and feeling good about herself. And as we all know, women adore men who make them feel good about themselves.

5. Do be confident in your jokes.

Don't ever come off as being unsure about yourself or your jokes in front of a girl. If you show discomfort and unsureness, she will reciprocate your feelings.

When flirting with humor, be confident. If you second guess yourself, she will see right through it. You can't expect the woman to laugh at your jokes when you are hesitating and making her feel uncomfortable. So you want to stay calm and relaxed to make her comfortable.

If you try to be flirty but you're filled with fear of rejection, you will only make the girl uncomfortable and looking for a way out. For example, say you go to a drug store and the pharmacist is a cutie. You attempt to open the conversation with a little flirting before handing her the prescription.

You nervously joke, "You must be worried that what I have is contagious." Your facial expression is tense and uncomfortable. The woman is confused and unimpressed and asks, "Pardon me?" slightly afraid. Her reaction leaves you disappointed and scared and you just hand her your prescription and look miserable.

On the other hand, if you confidently walk in, smile at her because you like what you see and say, "Well, this is the first time I've smiled at a drug dealer!" The girl will be caught off guard, but in a good way. She smiles and answers by saying "So what kind of drugs do you need?" And this leads to the perfect opportunity to flirt with humor.

The KEY to talking to girls is ...

While flirting and talking to girls, don't put on an act or try too hard. This can easily be interpreted as showing off or being pretentious. On the other hand, exude confidence so she knows that you're sure about yourself and comfortable.

Keep a relaxed composure which will make her feel relaxed as well. The key on how to talk to girls is to keep a relaxed, calm demeanor and appear confident in what you say, regardless of what you say. You can be talking about chicken, beef, and pork, but if you project a relaxed, confident attitude, the girl WILL respond positively!

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