Monday, November 3, 2014

Best Way To Start Talking With A Girl
Best Way To Start Talking With A Girl
What is the top issue guys deal with when they want to approach a girl they find appealing? It is obviously, "what the heck do I say to her." What you say when you first approach will make or break your pickup. What you say should be an ideal balance of flirtiness, charm, humor, intelligence, and should open the door for additional conversation while making the girl comfortable in speaking with you. Wow! No surprise most guys have issues getting girls. So what is the very best method to begin a conversation with a woman?

Pickup lines do not work!

A pickup line is certainly not the greatest method. Pickup lines do not work. Every half-wit knows that. Not only do they not work, they are a bright neon sign stamped on your forehead marketing your absence of imagination, cleverness, and shouts BORING to girls. Ask any girl if they favor a handsome dull man or an ordinary looking entertaining man and you will be pleasantly surprised at the response.

Girls look for VALUE in guys. Not power, looks, or chest/bicep size. For the purposes of approaching girls, VALUE is anything that catches the woman's interest. And what catches a girl's interest is something that is special, intriguing, and something unusual.

Her life is presently full of dull guys and conditions and if someone like you comes and offers value to her otherwise dull life, you have value in her eyes. You are pretty much in and you are free to release your charm when she sees you have value.

So what is the very best method to begin a conversation with a woman?

The very best method to start a conversation with a woman is with the pickup artist technique called opinion openers. An opinion opener is when you ask a woman her opinion or advise on some issue. You are basically asking for the woman's help.

On a psychological by-note, feeling helpful and needed is among the fundamentals of human life. Not only do people like to be asked for their help and advise on something, they need it and crave it since it fills one of the important requirements of life. This is among the secret psychological techniques pickup artists utilize to attract gorgeous girls.

Give me an example of an opinion opener.

Among the very best and most successful opinion openers is the "I'm doing research" opener. A couple of examples are:

Hi, I have a website called attractwomenreport and I'm writing a post called, "What attractive girls find appealing in guys." What's your take on this topic?

Hi, can you help me out real fast? I'm doing my college thesis on the attraction elements in between girls and guys. What do you look for in guys?

Hi, I'm creating a post about what turns off girls. Can you give me some input ?

Besides the "I'm doing research" opener, there are numerous different opinion openers you can utilize and you can and really should make up your very own as the circumstance directs. Every girl and circumstance is different so you must use your good sense and imagination to create different methods to ask for help for various situations.

Opinion openers is an extremely effective technique that utilizes a number of psychological techniques in order to get girls to open up and speak with you without it being a straight-out pickup. Of course, you can have the finest opening line in the whole world but it means absolutely nothing without the right delivery.

The opinion opener is only one part of the formula though ...

Keep in mind, communication is 55 % visual, 38 % aural, and just 7 % words. So if your delivery blows, whatever you say doesn't really matter. If you incorporate good delivery and self-confidence with the above "I'm doing research" opener, beautiful women will take numbers and wait in line to get an opportunity to speak to you.

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