Sunday, January 4, 2015 is a software that lets you create professional, high quality cartoon mascots with a few clicks.If you want to make terrific looking, professional quality cartoon mascots in seconds, without having to learn a really complicated program then ... get - right now. is the world's finest cartoon mascot generator - there is nothing like it out there right now. Mascot? Yup can just you think of all the opportunities that you'll have to use these mascots in? Book covers, DVD covers & a whole lot more. The possibilities to look truly unique and stick out from competition is going to be a huge boost to your profits.

You don't need Photoshop or enormous skills to make one - it's a few clicks and you will have created a cartoon mascot that would probably set you back quite a bit in designers fees.I really recommend you grab this software now, because the price is going to go up very soon so don't miss this remarkable early bird opportunity.

One of the most effective and dependable ways to catch people's attention and get them to stay on your sites is to use cartoon mascots.We have all been conditioned considering that childhood to love cartoons.It lowers our guard and makes us much more likely to stay on a internet site - beating the 3 second rush to the back button, and that is half the battle won!

In many cases, consumers would rather interact online with a cute or cuddly character than with a faceless company.Cartoon mascots can be a real boost to visitor interaction and more importantly to sales and your bottom line!

The major corporations have understood about this for years and used it to terrific effect, just think about loveable characters like; Ronald McDonald, Geico Gecko, Coke Bear, Pillsbury Dough Boy and Energizer Bunny.

The mascot is a softer sell than the more traditional marketing ploys. Who feels threatened or postponed, for instance, when that cute little gecko tells us how much money we can save by switching to Geico? Approximately no one that's who. How could you when he's so small and cute ?

The Hollywood trend toward CGI and more animated motion pictures has created a culture in which the public is accustomed to responding to non-human characters in a positive way.Consequently, adults who previously might have considered them juvenile are now more receptive to the mascot concept.

A recent Nielsen study gave a group of people two blog posts with identical content, one had a stock photo and one had a cartoon mascot on it.The group were then asked which article they were most likely to share on social media, and an overwhelming 95 % said they would prefer to share the cartoon mascot version!

The evidence is crystal clear - Mascots have made their way into nearly every niche, from insurance to cereals, and have created ad campaigns that have resonated with consumers in a positive way.

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